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New High-Performance Lens Option Available for the
CohuHD Costartrade; Exclusive Heliostrade;8800HDSeries 1080p High-Definition Long-Range PTZ Surveillance CCTV Camera


CohuHD Costarr's 8800HD Series Long-Range Camera System Offers Best in Class Features, Including a 2,000mm Optical Zoom Lens, H.264 Compression, Boresighted Optics, and IP67 Outdoor Protection

POWAY, Calif., June 17, 2014 ndash; CohuHD Costar, LLC (OTC Markets Group: CSTI) today announced a  Ultra long-range PTZ camerasignificant performance improvement in its popular 8800HD series video surveillance solution, with the addition of a new 120x, 2,000mm HD optical zoom lens option. The increase in performance over the prior model includes zoom magnification, system sensitivity, and narrower angular field of view:
  • 50% Improvement in Native Focal Length (1,000 mm vs 660 mm)
  • 20% Improvement when Lens Extender is inserted (2,000 mm vs 1,680 mm)
  • 30% Improvement in Camera System Sensitivity (f3.5 vs f4.0)
  • 50% Improvement in "How Far Can I See?" (20% with Lens Extender inserted)
CohuHD Costarr's 8800HD Series combines full high-definition (HD) image resolution with high-powered HD performance lens optics for delivering unprecedented image quality and detail for long-range surveillance applications in the visible spectrum.
By comparison, CohuHD Costarr's 8800HD Series can deliver up to 6 times the resolution and detail of traditional standard-definition long-range camera systems. Our pixels-on-target calculator determines how far you can see by calculating the maximum range a target can be detected. With this exceptional performance, the 8800HD is ideal for perimeter security, border patrol, and protecting airports, ports, military, maritime, and other critical infrastructure.
In addition to superior image quality and excellent long-range zoom optics, the 8800HD system delivers its HD video across standard digital network infrastructures. It does this by using H.264 image compression technology, which requires a fraction of the bandwidth traditional MPEG4 or MJPEG requires.
In addition to superior image quality and excellent long-range zoom optics, the 8800HD system delivers its HD video across standard digital network infrastructures. It does this by using H.264 image compression technology, which requires a fraction of the bandwidth traditional MPEG4 or MJPEG requires.
The 8800HD Series long-range camera system offers an unprecedented feature set:
  • First truly ultra long-range high-definition camera positioner
  • Powerful HD zoom magnification of up to 2,000mm
  • Industryr's narrowest HAFOV with HD resolution, as low as 0.17 degrees
  • Boresighted optics with programmable day/night focusing
  • Greatest detection distances on the market, human-sized objects detected at distances up to 30 miles (based on Johnson Criteria with optimum conditions)
  • First long-range HD camera positioner with built-in H.264 compression and web server, operating over standard digital networks
  • Precision positioning with speed range of 0.05 to 450/second, and with built-in brakes for stability
  • Highest environmental standards: IP67, ASTM-B117, TS-2 Shock amp; Vibe, and MIL-STD-810F for salt/fog, immersion and sand/dust
"Wer're very excited for the addition of this dramatic performance upgrade to the industryr's first IP-based high-definition long-range camera system, CohuHD Costarr's 8800HD Series," said Tom Kampfer, President of CohuHD. "Wer're pleased with the increased performance of our long-range
technology with a game-changing feature set, including 6 times the resolution of standard-definition camera systems with the highest power optical zoom of 2,000 mm available in the industry."
The 8800HD superior image quality is generated by a 1/2.7" CMOS 1080p30 progressive scan day/night sensor. Image performance and color reproduction are superb even under challenging lighting conditions. In night mode, the camera enhances low light viewing by automatically switching the IR filter out of the optical path, delivering a monochrome image.
The improved Long-range surveillance is achieved by the integrated 60x HD-quality zoom lens optics, with focal length ranging from 16.7mm to 1,000mm. The lens includes a remotely controlled 2.0x lens extender which can be inserted in the optical path, increasing the maximum focal length to 2,000mm. The camera systems Horizontal Angular Field Of View of 0.17 degrees is achieved at full zoom with extender inserted.
The 8800HD Series offers a standalone camera system or a fully integrated long-range HD camera positioner system. The 8800HD camera positioner includes a variable high-speed pan and tilt drive, 360 degree continuous pan (azimuth) and +/- 30 degree tilt (elevation) movements. Manual control positioning speeds range from 0.05 to 45 degrees per second.
The 8800HD provides a full-function web server, enabling complete administrative and operator control. Administrative features include configuring network settings, assigning user passwords, setting video streaming properties, defining camera positioning presets and tours, and assigning camera ID labels.
The 8800HD is designed to operate in extreme weather, with its IP67 sealed and pressurized enclosure protection. This eliminates the effects of water intrusion, pollutants and corrosives. It is designed to operate in a broad temperature range, from winter in the Arctic to summer in the desert, with heaters and fans, and electrical and mechanical components that are rated for the full range. The 8800HD Series will deliver years of reliable service and clean images, and is backed by a two-year limited warranty.
All Helios HD cameras provide integration with third party Video Management Systems (VMS), adhering to industry interoperability standards for video streaming, ONVIF and NTCIP 1205.
Orders for the 8800HD long-range camera system are being taken now, call 858-391-1795.
About CohuHD
CohuHD Costar is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance camera systems for use in mission-critical, sensitive environments. Integrating the latest video compression and high-definition IP technology into its innovative, rugged video camera systems, CohuHD Costar's line of high quality HD cameras, transmission equipment and management software can be found on the International Space Station and monitoring the busiest freeways and ports, military bases, U.S. Navy ships, oil refineries, nuclear reactors, mines, high value manufacturing sites, and many other critical installations around the globe. CohuHD Costar is now owned by Costar Technologies, Inc.
For more information on CohuHD Costarr's products, please visit Follow us as,, linkedin/company/cohuhd, and
Contact: Dana Varga ndash; CohuHD Costar, Marketing Manager (858) 391-1712.

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