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Keeping an eye on everything. Clearly, the reason why video surveillance camera systems are indispensable in the security armor to protect vital assets and proactively prevent any untoward incidents. Even as the world is increasingly moving toward a scenario where a billion cameras are supposedly watching every nook and corner, the obvious question arises. Will the video surveillance camera systems be able to deliver superior video quality in the harshest—coldest, hottest, and the windiest—of operating environments? “With our high-end ruggedized security cameras, extreme conditions are no longer a limitation,” answers Doug Means, Senior VP and General Manager, CostarHD.

CostarHD prides itself in being one of the very few camera manufacturers that designs, develops, and assembles high-end ruggedized security cameras in the U.S. With 70 years of longevity in the video solutions industry, today the company’s rugged HD CCTV video surveillance cameras monitor the most critical, sensitive environments that include border security and transportation, specifically traffic Intelligent transport systems, defense, maritime ports, airports, and railways. “It is not the chamber of commerce weather but the toughest of the conditions when the need for visibility in terms of video quality and recognition that we provide is highest,” highlights Means.

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The outdoor video surveillance market has come a long way since the closed-circuit setup of the 90s. It’s not just in the network aspect though; developments in the electronics and optics space have bled over, enabling cameras to do more with less. Modern-day cameras are smaller in size; they consume less power and are capable of performing unconventional applications such as mobility surveillance and object tracking. No longer are extreme conditions—from high and low temperatures to fog or low light—a limitation. With the right equipment, one can see it all. CostarHD Costar is a pioneer in this field with its range of high-end ruggedized security cameras that can carry out robust surveillance in the harshest of environments. By combining high-resolution imaging with high power optics, the company’s powerful arsenal of surveillance systems help bring “all-round security,” to the most critical, sensitive environments such as border security and transportation, specifically traffic (ITS), maritime ports, airports and railways.

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CostarHD is pleased to introduce a new product family called OCTIMA providing ruggedized fixed position IP cameras using a variety of technologies serving the performance needs of critical infrastructure applications. This new Series, like all CostarHD products, are of the highest quality with superior performance.

CostarHD’s OCTIMA series includes three families of fixed position camera technologies including 8MP 360 degrees multi-sensor imaging, LWIR thermal night-vision, and long-range 30x 1080p visible spectrum solutions delivering the CostarHD quality and performance you expect. OCTIMA series cameras are remotely configurable over standard web browser interfaces, and stream video using bandwidth-efficient H264 video compression. All OCTIMA series cameras are enclosed in weather-resistant IP66 enclosures and include an assortment of accessory options to simplify installations.

OCTIMA Series cameras are ideal for mission-critical applications worldwide, such as borders/perimeter surveillance, traffic intersections/toll roads, tunnels/bridges, sub stations/reservoirs, and thermal night vision applications.

OCTIMA’s 3440HD series is a multi-sensor, multi-megapixel, and multi-direction camera platform providing an all-in-one solution for capturing wide area, multi-direction video surveillance while maximizing the field-of-view and reducing the total number of camera installations required. The 3440HD series platform includes four (4) full HD CMOS sensors with motorized 2.8x auto focus/iris zoom lens mounted on a motorized pan/tilt protected by an IK-10 impact-resistant, IP66 environmentally-rated dome enclosure. The CostarHD 3440HD platform delivers superior image quality and reduces overall system cost by covering large areas with fewer cameras with outstanding clarity. Traffic intersections requiring multiple cameras can now be covered with a single 3440HD series camera.

OCTIMA’s 3490HD series of cameras is a broad portfolio of high-performance outdoor-rated cameras for 24/7 perimeter surveillance, observation, and monitoring of critical infrastructure and sensitive sites. Equipped with thermal and visible-light channels for day and night surveillance, the 3490HD series supports ONVIF standards to ensure interoperability of hardware and software products for easy integration to both existing and new infrastructures, regardless of manufacturer. The 3490HD series is designed for supporting embedded video analytics, enabling enhanced security and surveillance solutions providing all in one camera. Activating the analytics functionality provides real time alerts based on user defined rules. The 3490HD series Video Analytics are accurate and capable of monitoring and analyzing human, vehicle, or a pre-learned object per view.

OCTIMA’s 3430HD series fixed camera system combines crystal clear HD image quality, bandwidth efficient H.264 compression, and IP67 protection. The 3430HD provides full 1080p imaging with 30x optical zoom, delivering full frame rate HD images over the entire zoom range for cost-effective surveillance applications. True day/night technology using a removable IR cut filter produces exceptional low-light sensitivity down to 0.00025 fc. The 3430HD includes advanced imaging processing capabilities such as 3D noise reduction, flexible exposure mode settings, wide dynamic range, and white balance along with defog/dehaze image processing which enhances video performance in foggy and hazy conditions encountered in surveillance and traffic monitoring applications.

CostarHD OCTIMA family of 3430HD, 3440HD and 3490HD products are immediately available for order.

About CostarHD

CostarHD, a division of Costar Video, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance camera systems for use in mission-critical, sensitive environments. Integrating the latest video compression and high-definition IP technology into its innovative, rugged video camera systems, CohuHD's line of high quality HD cameras, transmission equipment and management software can be found on the International Space Station and monitoring the busiest freeways and ports, military bases, U.S. Navy ships, oil refineries, nuclear reactors, mines, high value manufacturing sites, and many other critical installations around the globe. For more information on CohuHD Costar’s products, please visit

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CostarHD Recognized Among Top 10 Intelligent Video Technology Solution Providers. Gov CIO Outlook Includes Company in 2018 Top Vendor List.

San Diego, CA & (January 28, 2019) – CohuHD Costar, a leader in video surveillance camera systems for use in mission-critical, sensitive environments, announces that the company has been named to Government CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Video Technology Solution Providers” list for 2018.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by GovCIO as a Top Ten Provider of security solutions. Our singular focus is on designing, developing, and manufacturing high-definition cameras that withstand the most extreme operating environments,” said Doug Means, Senior VP, and GM of CohuHD Costar. “We provide about 80 percent of the traffic camera installations in the United States, including for DOTs from California to Florida, with a wide range of customers in multiple markets requiring intelligent surveillance solutions.”

While dominating the US traffic camera market, CohuHD Costar also provides advanced, intelligent surveillance systems for critical infrastructure and perimeter security with customers in the segments as diverse as the need of the military, oil fields, ports, airports, utility plants, and border patrol requirements, with customers around the world. CohuHD Costar is widely known for its hallmarks of High-quality video, Rugged design, Interoperability, Flexible installation, and Seamless operation.

““It’s a great honor to announce CohuHD Costar as one of the Top 10 Intelligent Video Technology Solution Providers - 2018,” said Becky Graham, Managing Editor of Government CIO Outlook. “The company stands out amongst a very strong field of vendors for its advanced, rugged solutions.”

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