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The outdoor video surveillance market has come a long way since the closed-circuit setup of the 90s. It’s not just in the network aspect though; developments in the electronics and optics space have bled over, enabling cameras to do more with less. Modern-day cameras are smaller in size; they consume less power and are capable of performing unconventional applications such as mobility surveillance and object tracking. No longer are extreme conditions—from high and low temperatures to fog or low light—a limitation. With the right equipment, one can see it all. CostarHD Costar is a pioneer in this field with its range of high-end ruggedized security cameras that can carry out robust surveillance in the harshest of environments. By combining high-resolution imaging with high power optics, the company’s powerful arsenal of surveillance systems help bring “all-round security,” to the most critical, sensitive environments such as border security and transportation, specifically traffic (ITS), maritime ports, airports and railways.

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