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Keeping an eye on everything. Clearly, the reason why video surveillance camera systems are indispensable in the security armor to protect vital assets and proactively prevent any untoward incidents. Even as the world is increasingly moving toward a scenario where a billion cameras are supposedly watching every nook and corner, the obvious question arises. Will the video surveillance camera systems be able to deliver superior video quality in the harshest—coldest, hottest, and the windiest—of operating environments? “With our high-end ruggedized security cameras, extreme conditions are no longer a limitation,” answers Doug Means, Senior VP and General Manager, CostarHD.

CostarHD prides itself in being one of the very few camera manufacturers that designs, develops, and assembles high-end ruggedized security cameras in the U.S. With 70 years of longevity in the video solutions industry, today the company’s rugged HD CCTV video surveillance cameras monitor the most critical, sensitive environments that include border security and transportation, specifically traffic Intelligent transport systems, defense, maritime ports, airports, and railways. “It is not the chamber of commerce weather but the toughest of the conditions when the need for visibility in terms of video quality and recognition that we provide is highest,” highlights Means.

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