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CohuHD Costar’s RISE 4290HD Series dual spectrum positioning system is the latest addition to CohuHD Costar’s RISE family of products and has been awarded the 2017 GSN Airport, Seaport, Border Security Award for Best Long Range/High Res Camera by Government Security News. The RISE 4290HD Series combines crystal clear HD visible spectrum imaging along with standard resolution LWIR night vision imaging and delivers unmatched performance at an affordable price.

The RISE 4290HD visible spectrum camera provides full 1080p imaging with 30x optical zoom, delivering full frame rate HD images over the entire zoom range for very cost-effective, long-range surveillance applications.

True day/night technology using a removable IR cut filter produces exceptional low light sensitivity down to 0.00025fc. The visible camera provides defog/dehaze image processing, enhancing video performance in foggy and hazy conditions encountered in outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications.

The RISE 4290HD night vision camera offers a choice of uncooled VOx 640x480 LWIR FPA detector with continuous zoom or fixed focal length hard carbon coated lenses. The RISE 4290HD thermal imaging delivers high-quality video, even in extreme conditions such as total darkness, smoke, atmospheric haze or dust, rain, light foliage, and most types of fog.

“The addition of the 4290HD & positioning system to our RISE portfolio addresses what we see as a significant gap in the market for a cost-effective, rugged, long-range, day/night video solution that provides simultaneous streaming of both visible and thermal camera images,” stated Doug Means, Senior VP & GM of CohuHD Costar.

The RISE 4290HD is designed to operate in harsh weather with its purged and pressurized IP67 enclosure protection to eliminate the effects of water intrusion, pollutants and corrosives. The ultra-rugged design of all CohuHD RISE products allows the company to offer a lifetime warranty against water ingress.

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CohuHD Costar, a division of Costar Video, Inc., is a leading manufacturer of video surveillance camera systems for use in mission-critical, sensitive environments. For more information on CohuHD Costar’s products, please visit &

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