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Throw Back Thursday: CohuHD Costar cameras monitor solar power plant, 1981

Solar Plant Cameras 1981

CohuHD Costar cameras rugged design and construction are ideal for monitoring critical infrastructure such as solar power plants. With decades of experience our team designs and builds the most durable, reliable and robust cameras available. Our IP67 sealed and pressurized enclosures protect against ingress from particulates such as dust, sand and moisture.

Critical infrastructure requires the reliability video surveillance in the most rugged. CohuHD Costar delivers clear images with 24/7 uptime. CohuHD cameras have been monitoring and protecting critical infrastructure around the world for more than 60 years.

CCTV video surveillance cameras for critical infrastructure

  • Perimeter security for renewable energy plant (solar energy)
  • Plant management and operations
  • Solar power (solar energy)
  • Cameras with integrity and reliable performance
  • Long-range surveillance


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